• Alan Ball

Remember the legacy of your journey

The film “Into the Wild” represents a journey that resonates with many of us. For some it’s an empathetic view of our life, for others it’s something to emulate and for some it becomes a pilgrimage that has led to tragedy.

It would be too presumptuous to try and guess why Chris went on his journey, but the book and film that came from his death, have inspired many to follow his path.

Many would say, what has his story got to do with business or coaching? Well, leaders touch many people whilst they lead, employees, stakeholders and peers, just as Chris met and touched people on his journey, it was his journey, as it is yours, but remember the impact you leave on the people you touch.

And on his death, the following that his story created, whether he would have welcomed it or not, has allowed many people to follow their own lifes story. It's the same as a leader, your legacy will remain , good , bad or indifferent, if you make it a positive experience then you are likely to be remembered for the good you did, or the inspiration to follow that you created.



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