Off-Site Development Days

Creating high performance teams is not as simple as it may seem. Individuals may be highly competent and add significant value to your business, placing those individuals together and expecting synergy is often not the case.

Rosia Bay's off site development days focuses on helping team members understand each other’s business preferences to maximise performance.

Prior to the development day, each member of the team will take the PROPHET profiling exercise, the team insight report will then be presented on the day which will provide immediate and valuable insights into shared preferences and blind spots.

RosiaBay Limited - Offsite Development Days

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Executive Business Coach

Deep diving into the report, we will agree upon recommendations to enhance performance raising awareness of the team’s natural predispositions towards business activities, develop alignment and deepen understanding of how everyone can contribute.

What makes business coaching retreats so popular are heightened clarity, activation, synergy, creativity and acceleration of growth. When you take time out and focus on expanding your business rather than simply working for it, you can evaluate your priorities and make necessary changes.

A retreat allows you adequate time to focus on creative and innovative solutions and take the first step in turning an idea into a viable opportunity. The creative and relaxing environment also allows your employees to feel synergy on an individual and group level.

A business coaching retreat can help you map your ideas and ensure that innovative projects are translated into tangible results. Once you have determined the changes you want to make in your organisation, you can break down these goals into simple and manageable tasks and distribute them among your employees.

Rosia Bay takes care of everything, we work on your goals and aims for the retreat and then we take over the booking, preparation, accommodation and meals. We run business case study exercises and ensure that you and your team get the most out of the retreat whatever the timeline.