Life Coaching

You're on this page for a reason, I would love to say change happens overnight, from what I've experienced is that it comes with a little bit of time and patience, sometimes we just need a little guidance from an outsiders approach to help us move forward.

Life coaching is a tool that anyone can use to make positive practical changes to themselves and their lives.

It’s a tool that helps you see things differently or more clearly than the way you currently do. It enables you to recognise and assess the choices and options that are open to you, and then do something about the situations you want to change.

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What if I need more confidence and self-belief?

Coaching works on this at two powerful levels – action and attitude.



You only ever take the actions you are happy to take, actions you’ve chosen and decided upon for yourself. If you’ve chosen tiny actions at first, that’s fine, because a remarkable thing happens once you’ve started doing things differently – you find the confidence to do a little more next time, and then more still the time after that. All the while you are learning about what works for you. Your confidence grows with the actions you take.



Lack of self-belief can be paralysing, as can persistent negative thinking – but the good news is that there are many simple activities that can stop you from thinking you can’t and instead build an empowering positive attitude. The great news is that the scientific field of Positive Psychology has now made huge strides in understanding the best approaches towards positive mindset and positive actions. I share these approaches very effectively with clients who need it.


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