Business Growth

Whether it’s a complete strategic review of your business or focus on a specific area, we will provide you with a challenging, independent view of your business growth strategy. Our Business Growth program can help you with a wide range of business challenges, including:

Achieving accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth

Building a high performing organisation

Business Process Mapping

Delivering transformation change


The universal principles of business growth are not complex – people over engineer and make them complicated. At the core of our business growth thinking is simplicity simplifying the agenda – the thread that runs through what we do and how we do it.

Built to Grow Consulting

Fast track your success, avoid the common pitfalls and reduce the timeline in delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable growth in your business.


If you asked a cross-section of business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs what their biggest challenge is, you would probably hear the same recurring thought: growing their business in a sustainable, predictable, yet profitable way, quickly.


RosiaBay Business Management Growth program is a proven, systematic and grounded approach to how you can achieve this.


It’s a reality that most businesses and individuals never reach their full potential, always yearning for the ‘thing’ that will catapult them into significance, but never really finding it.


Great businesses do not become great by accident.


We specialize in growth strategy consulting and help organizations avoid the trap of defaulting to repetitive, predictable strategies and instead design vibrant approaches to thrive in an agile, digital, and purpose-driven future. 


We deliver our growth programme in three ways.


One day Out Thinker Workshop

Greatness takes time to perfect, but you’ll start the process today with dozens of fresh ideas, along with specific tools for future use, in a single, highly efficient workday.  Tackle a burning problem or accelerate your business in this one-day, concentrated exploration of innovative options. Experience a series of powerful exercises that empower you to apply new thinking patterns, create disruptive ideas, look over the horizon and identify unexpected opportunities.

This powerful day (held at your location of choice) will deliver breakthrough ideas and expand your thinking. Position your team and organisation to win in an increasingly complex, agile, and purpose-driven world. It will leave your teammates inspired by the possibility of your new ideas, and most importantly will move them to action. Learn the tools and approaches you and your team will adopt as an essential element of how you identify and react to new opportunities and competitive threats.


  1. 2-5 high-potential, disruptive ideas of achieving your vision and desired business outcomes
  2. A backlog of 30-50 ideas to turn to in the future
  3. A strategy report to document the discussion, ideas, decisions, and action-plan
  4. A more creative and strategic team who has built powerful “muscle memory” to solve creative challenges on its own in the future
  5. Alignment on a shared vision, set of goals, and leverage points

The Innovation & Growth Audit

To thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic future, your organisation must be able to respond quickly and creatively to emerging opportunities and threats. How well do you turn uncertainty into advantage? Do your people collaborate with sufficient creativity, strategic thinking, and speed?

Often, the biggest threat facing organisations comes from within.  Undetected blind spots in culture and approach can lead to turnover, declining market share, and competitive loss.  The opportunity for leaders to get a clear picture of their soft spots relating to cultivating innovation and agility is priceless.  From there, remediating the problem areas quickly and efficiency will allow your organization to soar.

The Innovation & Growth Audit is our proprietary assessment that measures your organisation’s innovative capacity and pinpoints the most critical areas you must address today to thrive in the future. The audit then focusses on four main areas:

  1. Culture and behaviour
  2. Organisational structure
  3. Leadership
  4. Strategic/innovation discipline


  1. Comprehensive assessment report detailing 50+ factors
  2. A facilitated work-session to help you and your team understand the findings and implications
  3. Raised awareness of the importance you place on innovativeness
  4. An action plan with clear recommendations for improvement

Disruptive Growth Strategy Consulting

When you and your team have clarity on where you are going and what choices you must pursue to get there, you can execute with speed and clarity. But most organisations operate in a state of uncertainty. Unsure they are focused on the right priorities, they risk trying to do too much, executing uninspired strategies that produce just average results. We guide organisations through a process that leads them to a comprehensive strategy they are confident will work.  


  1. Organisational alignment on your purpose, vision, and strategic intent
  2. A fact-based understanding of the trends that will shape your future
  3. A rigorous assessment of the most critical issues and opportunities you should be addressing now
  4. Clarity on the 3-7 priorities that define your strategy and will enable you to win
  5. A plan to build organisation-wide alignment to your new strategy
  6. A system of metrics to monitor and manage the successful implementation of your strategy