Preparing for the new norm

The future remains uncertain, but not taking control cannot be an option in business. 


Now, more than ever, businesses will need to reflect on their core competencies, evaluate the future business model and implement it at pace to avoid possible collapse.

RosiaBay Business Management can support you on that journey, we have the experience and scars of global and local recessions.

As a business , you must focus on leading the team and ensuring the business can function, our goal is to support the creation of a new strategy, evaluate new opportunities and present than for you and your team to adopt with support and guidance.




Diversifying your buisness has inherrant risks and high reward. RosiaBay Business Management diversification program will ensure you achieve maximum reslts

Exit Preparation


The sale of a buisness is an emoptional time regardless of the size and complexity. RosiaBay Business Management exit preperation plan will ensure a well prepared exit strategy bring about maximum stakeholder value

Business Growth

Growth in a buisness is the lifeline that supports future investment. Without a rhobust growth strategy, many buisnesses fail to achieve their optimum target. RosiaBay Business Management growth support plan, will ensure you maximise those opportunities for a sustainable future

Our Service Approach

When you lead your own business, having external consultants coming in and changing things around, can be quite disheartening and for some not appreciated. Because we HAVE led businesses, we know more than any just how much the way a service is approached is almost as important as the service result. To achieve this, we follow some simple pledges we adopted in recognising our place in YOUR organisation:

  • Its your business, we are not going to take over, or undermine, or trip anyone up to prove our worth.

  • Our first meeting is completely free of charge, we will gain a deep understanding of your requirements and then prepare a business proposal that will identify the service required and the outcomes to be measured by.

  • We adopt an induction process that respects your way of working, and health and safety policies, this is particularly required in a manufacturing setting.

  • We will hold regular reviews to keep you appraised of where we are in the process and discuss and blockers or barriers to successful implementation.

  • We will challenge you and your team and hold you all to account. We make no apology for that, you are investing in experts to support the delivery of a plan and solution.

  • We don't overstay our welcome, we are here to develop, implement, measure and offer continued support as and when you need it.

And unlike many business consultancies, we don't tie you into long and costly contracts. Our services can be flexible enough to support what you need to get the job done. Our minimum engagement is half day and depending on the availability of the team, we can support daily, weekly or monthly engagements, which is particularly helpful if you have a full on turnaround.

We also understand that in some cases, additional support is required, RosiaBay Business Management has a team of associates ready to support these projects.

So call us now and book your free session to see how we can help