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Passionate About Inspiring Others

There is a great feeling when you take a business and make a difference. Great leaders recognise that strong leadership enables change, emotional intelligence creates loyalty and above all, change is a lifelong journey.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked and lived in some great countries, worked with some incredible teams, and had a lot of fun along the way. I have been one of those people, who has always been able to create a vision that inspires others to follow. From the UK, to the USA, China and Australia, inspiring people to be the best they can and giving them hope and faith, is an incredible emotion that still makes me proud of what we have achieved.

Having sold a business and taken some time out, I trained as a volunteer Counsellor at Childline before being headhunted to move out to Australia to turn around a failing business in a sector I knew well.

After 18 months, my job was done, we had inspired a GREAT team to deliver success, motivated and with a clear sense of direction, I returned back to the UK to be near newly born grandchildren and family. Never really cut out for retirement, I set up Rosia Bay to continue on my journey of supporting others to be the best they can.

Challenging and honest, you won't get an easy ride. I'm not arrogant or a know it all, in fact, I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, but I have a keen sense of being able to see the untapped achievement in people. Having been trained in Counselling, I have an empathetic ear when it comes to depression and stress, that unspoken taboo which affects more leaders than we will ever know. Always a believer in being proficient in anything I undertake, I graduated from the University of East London on 18th July 2019 with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, earning a distinction in my dissertation and an overall merit award.

My services deliver results, my clients stay with me for years because I continue to stretch their thinking and when the time comes, we agree to part, I get no enjoyment from just ticking over. So.... get in touch and reach your potential