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In today′s world, the importance of corporate excellence cannot be underestimated.

About RosiaBay Limited

As the founder of Rosia Bay, I have had a successful career in the hospitality, manufacturing, distribution and healthcare sectors. 


Educated at Darden University in Virginia, and IMD in Switzerland, I hold qualifications in the following:  

Master of Business Administration, MBA
Masters with honours in Law, LLb
Masters with honours in Psychology & Coaching, MAPPCP

P.h.D International Business


Working and living in the UK, USA, China, Middle East and most recently Brisbane Australia, these experiences contribute significantly to my Coaching approach and empathy towards today's leaders.


A certified member of both the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and AC (Association of Coaching), I established Rosia Bay to support people in achieving goal aspirations. I am also trained to support executives suffering from depression and stress.

Client Testimonials

We had two years of management instability at our board. Rosia Bay came in and has transformed our thinking, our governance and our approach to the three year plan.

Every year we get Alan to take our team away on a business retreat. The team building and bonding experienced never fails to impress, our results have definitely benefited from these sessions

Alan has been Coaching our team for almost two years now, his approach, style and commanding style never gets stale and the team love the challenge


Latau Investments


GE Lighting

Business Coaching and Management

RosiaBay's extensive experience in many industries offer our clients expert perspectives and guidance.



Diversifying your buisness has inherrant risks and high reward. RosiaBay Business Management diversification program will ensure you achieve maximum reslts


Business Growth


Growth in a buisness is the lifeline that supports future investment. Without a rhobust growth strategy, many buisnesses fail to achieve their optimum target. RosiaBay Business Management growth support plan, will ensure you maximise those opportunities for a sustainable future

Exit Preperation


The sale of a buisness is an emoptional time regardless of the size and complexity. RosiaBay Business Management exit preperation plan will ensure a well prepared exit strategy bring about maximum stakeholder value

Peer 2 Peer Groups


Peer 2 Peer learning enhances employee autonomy, collaboration and professional development while encouraging innovative thinking.

CEO Coaching


Step back, review decisions, process and re-focus. We believe in strengths-based coaching and encourage sustainable practices to truly drive performance.

Off Site Development

Rosia Bay's off site development days focuses on helping team members understand each other’s business preferences to maximise performance.

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Global Management


Leadership Years

Psychology & Coaching


University of East London



Coaching Federation

European Mentoring


Coaching Council